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Big Island Volcano Tours - Why Tour With Us?

  • We do not hire drivers but it will be one of the two of us doing your tour.  
  • Our vehicles are safe, comfortable and clean.  

You will see more sights with us! 

  • Shore Excursions pickup and drop off at cruise port
  • When you rent a car you spend a lot of time trying to figure out where you are and where you want to go.  And the driver cannot enjoy the views on the road while driving.
    • We know hidden spots that you may miss on your own. 
    • When you go on the big bus you miss many areas and spend time waiting for the late comers.
  • Safety
    • We have commercial auto and commercial liability insurance to cover any unexpected problems
    • If you are from a country that drives on the other side of the road that can be very confusing and dangerous
  • Our prices are less than the price of cruise ship excursions and you see more places
  • Personalized tour. 
    • We will explain the sites you will be viewing like the Volcano and tell you all about the Island. 
    • Many other companies stay at the vehicle and you must walk alone.  We walk with you and explain the sights.
  • Exclusive Tour
    • We do offer exclusive tours where you will be the only ones in the vehicle.  If you want an exclusive tour please email or call us at Area Code  8O8 then Tina at 315-3097.

What We Do

We take you to those hidden spots.  Why pay to rent a car and then try and find your way around wasting precious time.   Get the most out of the time you have on the island.   And no big bus.  We can spend more time seeing the sights! 

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Contact Information

Email: tours@ainatours.com

Phone:  8O8 315-3O97

(If no answer please leave a message or call 217-7582)

As a family owned and operated company we will cater to your needs.  It is Your tour!  We also offer exclusive tours for just your group.


Big Island Aina Tours

PUC # 5792-C





Hawaii Time:

We are available Monday through Saturday.  All tours depart from Hilo except our Meet in the Volcano Park Tour. If you are in Kona or Waikoloa and you have a car you can drive over to Hilo for our 6 hour tour or we can meet you in the Volcano Park to begin our 3.5 to 4 hour tour.

Water and chocolate macadamia nuts are provided during the tour.

Please bring a jacket as it can be cool at higher elevations.  Good shoes are recommended for our hiking tours.  We do have some umbrellas and jackets.

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